Essential Items For Your Salon Waiting Area

If you salon is busy and has a lot of clients and visitors, you will need a waiting area. Every salon design incorporates a waiting area one way or another. And of course, nobody likes waiting so you need to make it more interesting. A part of salon design is designing your waiting area. So here are some essential items and tips for your waiting area:

A tablet or two.

It’s not a big investment. Magazines are too old school now (even though you should still have some). And you don’t really need too many tablets. According to the size of your waiting area, you should get the right amount of tablets. A good tip is to get -2 of the maximum amount of people that could be sitting in the waiting area. It’s important to remember that everyone will use the tablet, so be sure to install proper security. Expect that at some point, the tablet will get damaged as a lot of different people will use it. But a tablet offers several types of entertainment: reading, watching, playing and listening.


People love watching TV. They keep customers entertained and they are cheap to buy. You can even mount them on a wall if you don’t have enough space for a special area dedicated to the TV. If you do have a TV though, you should not get a radio or a CD player. Music or sounds coming from two different sources as the same time is annoying and defeats their purpose. If you really need some music, you could turn on a music channel on the TV.


Cookies, candy or any sort of treats

Putting a bowl of treats on the table doesn’t take much time or effort. It doesn’t even take up too much room. But they go a long way. Customers feel more satisfied and you will leave a great impression with just a simple bowl of candies. People like to eat or snack or something when they have nothing to do, and some tasty treats are a great way of filling up time and leaving great impressions for your customers


A retail area

You can incorporate your retail area into your waiting area. That way you will get more people to check out your products and you will save a lot of space. You can even incorporate your reception, retail and waiting area all in one and they won’t be stuffed or cramped. Just make sure you know what you are doing and consult professionals so you don’t make a mistake and stuff everything into a small space.


Waiting areas are meant for waiting, but clients should not spend their time waiting in the waiting area. Instead, give them a number of activities to do to pass the time. What are your opinions on waiting areas?




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